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 Mustillo--Samuel D.
Born: 04/02/1941
Died: 05/13/2017
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Mustillo--Samuel D.

Samuel D. Mustillo, 76, died May 13, 2017 at Christ Hospital, Jersey City. A lifelong Jersey city resident, born April 2, 1941, the son of the late Angelina Ambrosio Mustillo & Angelo Mustillo, he was an English teacher for the Jersey City Board of Education at McNair Academic Academy, where he retired from in 2003 During his 36 year tenure, he also served as Principal of St. Michael's High School, Jersey City for 5 years.

A graduate of St. Aloysius High School, Jersey City, where he was student council president, he received his B.S. Degree in Education from Jersey City State Teachers College (now New Jersey City University).During his college days, Sam was selected in the 1964-1965 edition of Who's Who among students in American Universities and Colleges and a member of the Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity

Loving brother of Rose Mustillo Yeager & her husband Jerry, Joseph Mustillo & the late Daniel & Louis Mustillo. Dear uncle of Michael Angelo Mustillo & Jennifer Chernowski & the late Deborah Walko. Grand-uncle of Lucian Xavier Mustillo.

Cremation was Private. A Memorial Visitation with his Urn present will be Sunday from 3-6pm at Greenville Memorial Home 374 Danforth Ave. Jersey City. Everyone will meet at St. Aloysius Church 691 West Side Ave. Jersey City on Mon. May 22, 2017 for Mass at 11am.. Inurnment will follow at Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City.

Please omit flowers. donations to Alzheimers Association.

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Here are some special memories shared by family and friends.
God Bless you and Rest in Peace Mr.Mustillo You were a super Principal Kevin Connors Class 1979
Kevin Connors
Mr. Mustillo was an outstanding teacher. He was relentlessly tough on my fellow Academic High School students and I. We feared him at the time but valued his fervor and tireless striving to improve. That was his objective: to shake off mediocrity from us and urge us toward true scholarship. He suffered no fools but was delighted to see us learn. Once, I was unprepared for an exam and tried to fool him with superficial eloquence. He handed back my test with the poor grade it merited and called it, "flowery nonsense" in front of my peers. After that, I prepared intensely, wanting not to be humiliated again. Then, he handed back another exam. He said, "Mr. Núñez, did you even bother to study for this exam at all?" Crestfallen, I mumbled, "Yes." He handed me the paper, "Well, it showed. 96. Well done." He smiled at me. I'd never seen Mr. Mustillo smile. I will never forget that day, nor will I ever forget my teacher who strove in his own tough way to extract the best from us. Godspeed, Mr. Mustillo. Well done.
Joel Núñez, Ph.D.
?Gobbledygook!? That was his response to one of my answers in class. Mr. Mustillo was the kind of teacher the upperclassmen warned you about with raised eyebrows and a ?Be prepared.? He would not tolerate intellectual slouching. He set the standard high and pushed you to meet it. He taught me how to let the text speak for itself. Mr. Mustillo?s love of language was contagious. In his stern exacting manner, he taught me how to transport myself into the author?s world. He sparked a love of analysis in me. I?m so grateful to have been his student. After Mr. Mustillo, there was no text that could intimidate me not Tolstoy, not Dostoyevsky, not even Dickens. (Bleak House? No sweat!) In more ways than one, he handed me a passport and said ?Go forth and explore!? I?m so thankful to have had him in my life. Rest in Peace.
Barbara Camacho, Esq.
Mr. Mustillo is one of the few teachers that I remember fondly. I will admit, he was a tough teacher. However, you did learn in his class. There were a few times he handed back a paper saying it needed editing. Of course as a teen, I saw it as a punishment. Nevertheless, I did it and reaped the rewards of a well written paper. Also, to this day, I can still recite a few of the soliloquies he required us to memorize. After high school, I ran into Mr. Mustillo a few times in Journal Square. I was surprised he remembered me. He told me, "you always worked hard in my classes", which was true. When I became a teacher, Mr. Mustillo was one of the few teachers that I thought of and said he made a difference in my life. RIP Mr. Mustillo, you will be missed.
Tiffany Grant-Simmons
I'm sad to hear of Mr. Mustillo's passing. He was my English teacher for my sophomore, junior and senior years at Academic High School. At the beginning of my senior year, he asked me if I wanted to switch to another teacher's class. He said he thought I might be sick of him. I stayed in his class. He was definitely tough but when you got a little smile or praise from him, it was great. My prayers to his family 🙏🏻
Barbara Perrette
I'm saddened with the news of Mr. Mustillo's passing. I was fortunate to have had him as my English teacher. Even though we dreaded his class he did challenge us to push ourselves to be the best. As hard as we all worked in his class, it was extremely satisfying to get that Mustillo smile when we showed him that we got what he was teaching us. I am forever grateful for the education he gave me. May he rest in peace. My condolences to his family.
Nelly M. Tabora
Mr. Mustillo was an inspiring English teacher. He made me love Shakespeare. He gave me the greatest compliment I ever received in front of the class.
Lisa (Horbelt) Mandaglio
Mr. Mustillo hated the use of the word ?like?, whether written or spoken. He challenged his students to eliminate the use. He shaped my writing and speaking skills to present professionalism. A truly great teacher who was tough, but fair. I am grateful to have experienced Mr. Mustillo as an English teacher during my years at MAHS. Thank you and rest in peace, Mr. Mustillo.
Daniela Pica
Mr. Mustillo may God welcome you into his kingdom as you had always welcomed your students into class. May your family find some comfort and peace knowing the thousands of students whom you molded into Enlish lovers. May you rest in Jesus' hands now and know you will be missed.
Sally Potter class of "83"
Mr. Mustillo was a wonderful, passionate English teacher! I learned so much from him. May he Rest In Peace.
Lissette González-Perez
Mr mustillo was a terrific teacher and the few times I saw him out ofschool, he had a great sense of humor. He was a major influence on my writing. I am real sad I did not keep in touch after graduating .
Mike maillaro
Dear Sammy, I will always cherish the memories of us in Newfoundland and the many visits to Fulton Avenue when we were kids. You had a special place in my mom's heart and mine as well. Rest in peace. Catherine Dominianni Smith
Cousin Catherine
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